Pulverizer V250R

Pulverizer V250R


• Standard integrated booster that automatically activates when the jaws meet resistance.
• Wide width of jaw (large crushing area).
• Bolt on tooth plates on arm and frame; easy replacement.
• Different style of tooth plates available.
• Piston rod fully protected against damage.
• High productivity and extreme power.
• Double rotation motor; no drain line required.
• Long rebar cutter of 200 mm (in center of the jaw).
• No additional pressure reduction is required in the hydraulic system.

Different style of tooth plates for different types of applications



Model NPK V250R
Excavator weight (ton) 24 - 35
Weight (kg) 2750
Max. jaw opening (mm) 900
Working pressure (MPa) 28
Oil flow (l/min) 100 - 250
Rotation pressure (MPa) 14
Rotation oil flow (l/min) 15 - 40
Max. force (A) (kN) 1020
Max. force (B) (kN) 1330
Max. force (Cutter) (kN) 2250


Model NPK V250R
Opening time (sec) 1.0
Closing time (sec) 1.8
Total cycle time (sec) 2.8
Number of cycles (c/min) 21
Oil flow (l/min) 250



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