Steel Shears

Model Excavator weight (ton) Operating weight (kg)
Steel shear K-3J 2.5 – 3.5 280
Steel shear K-4J 3.5 – 5.5 370
Steel shear K-7J 6 – 9 680

The NPK® steel shears are developed to demolish steel structures in an efficient way. The complete design and shape of all the models helps to increase the visibility during operating the shears.
The high cutting force and the standard integrated booster system makes each model one of the most efficient and powerful shears in its class. Each shear can be used for cutting any kind of steel like rebar or steel-beams (e.g. H-steel). The special construction of the main pin prevents the frame from opening and unwanted deformation. Therefore the space between the arms and cutters stays constant and prevents jamming of material between the cutters. Due to this unique construction even thin steel plate can be cut without any problem.

The models (K-3JK-4J and K-7J) are developed to meet the needs of the market for steel shears for mini-excavators. The combination of an unified frame and arm as one piece results in a lower total weight and more stiff design than the more regular design of a frame with two moveable arms. The optimum opening angle of the arms and the waved cutters prevents the material from moving out the arms during operation. The operator will notice that material which has to be cut will stay between the arms and hardly releases during cutting. The waved shape of the cutters also improves the durability of the cutters.
With the engineering of the smaller shears a new booster system has been developed. The booster has been integrated in the cylinder and the amount of moving parts has been reduced. Therefore the weight of the complete system could be reduced to a minimum.

All models are equipped with the unique NPK® booster system. The main cylinder or cylinders are designed so whenever the jaws meet resistance, the hydraulic booster is automatically activated. The pressure intensifier system has a relatively low oil flow; which produces faster cycle times and more cutting force when compared to competitive shears without a booster system. Additionally, other excavator’s fun­ctions remain uninfluenced by this system. The integral booster reduces the total weight of the attachment, which allows a compact body design and affords ease of maintenance.


  • All models are equipped with an exclusive booster system that automatically activates when the jaws meet resistance.
  • Waved shape cutters which hardly release the material.
  • Unique system that tightens frame and arms to prevent frame to open or deform.
  • This prevents jamming as cutting from thin steel plate to steel beam (e.g. H-steel).
  • High cutting force.
  • Unified frame and arm-design.
  • Arc shape of arm to improve cutting performance and durability of the cutters.
  • Optimum opening angle to prevent objects to move during operation.
  • Handling tip for manipulating material.
  • Slim-line design to increase visibility on the job.
  • Low weight, high reach.
  • Large jaw opening.
  • Piston rod and hydraulic hoses are fully protected inside the shears frame.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Low oil flow, ensures other functions of the excavator are not influenced.
  • Excellent stability for high-reach demolition.
  • Reliable and efficient.
  • Standard with 360° mechanical rotation or hydraulic rotation with rotator possible.
  • No additional pressure reduction is required in the hydraulic system.