Pinch cutter Z-1

Pinch cutter Z-1

X-Y-Z Concept for indoor demolition

The NPK® X-Y-Z concept is designed to meet growing demand for renovation and refurbishing. X-Y-Z stands for relatively small attachments for all indoor removing, cutting and crushing activities. It provides improved safety in working conditions and makes hand labour redundant.

The Z-Type Pinch cutter tears down infrastructure, piping, electric wire or ceiling systems. It has cast iron jaws which cut away light metal structures. The pinch cutter has also 360° free rotation.


Model NPK Z-1
Excavator weight (ton) 1.3 – 1.5
Weight (kg) 110
Max. jaw opening (mm) 304
Working pressure (MPa) 21
Oil flow (l/min) 20 – 30
Force at tip (kN) 56


Pinch cutter Z-1


XYZ_SERIES.pdf (740.33 KB)


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The NPK Powerbooster can be explained in 4 steps, as described above. As soon as the jaws meet resistance the extra speed is changed to extra power. Without concrete in the jaw, the booster creates more speed.

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