Model Excavator weight (ton) Operating weight (kg)
Pulverizer V160R 16 - 21 1650
Pulverizer V250R 24 - 35 2750


The all new NPK V-series is the best solution for demolition of concrete walls and floors. The pulverizers can be used for primary as well as secondary demolition. All models are equipped with the well-known NPK integrated booster system, which has proven itself already for more than 35 years. This system requires relatively low oil flow and produces faster cycle times and extreme crushing power.

The V160R and V250R has two styles of replaceable tooth plates for the frame. The different tooth plates can be use for different kind of application. Also on the  jaw an easy replaceable tooth plate is fitted. Due to these easy and quickly replaceable tooth plates, downtime has been reduced to a minimum.


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The NPK Powerbooster can be explained in 4 steps, as described above. As soon as the jaws meet resistance the extra speed is changed to extra power. Without concrete in the jaw, the booster creates more speed.

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