Compactor C-4CR

Greater impulse energy for more compactor/driver productivity


  • Swivel top to minimize carrier repositioning.
  • Hoses are routed out of the back of the compactor, safely away from the trench wall.
  • Integrated flow control and pressure regulating valves protect the motor from excessive flow and pressure.
  • Heavy-duty, direct drive gear motors.
  • Durable rubber shock mounts to isolate vibration.
  • Self-aligning, double row, spherical roller bearings with heavy duty steel roller cage.
  • Internally routed hoses for maximum protection.
  • Oil splash lubrication, eliminates routine greasing.


Model NPK C-4CR
Excavator weight (ton) 4.5 – 11.5
Impuls force (kg) 3600
Cycles per min (c/min) 2100
Working pressure (MPa) 11.7 – 15
Oil flow (l/min) 68 – 83
Dimensions base plate (mm) 580×860
Weight (kg) 475
Heigth (mm) 825
Width (mm) 584
Rotator oil flow (l/min) 6 – 70
Rotator pressure (MPa) 20 – 32



Compactors.pdf (250.75 KB)

Ruttelplatten.pdf (251.24 KB)

Vibro-Compacteurs.pdf (257.11 KB)


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The NPK Powerbooster can be explained in 4 steps, as described above. As soon as the jaws meet resistance the extra speed is changed to extra power. Without concrete in the jaw, the booster creates more speed.

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