Multiprocessor M-20S

Multiprocessor M-20K

More power – more production

The NPK® Multi Processor is an efficient solution for concrete, steel and rebar processing, building and bridge demolition and recycling. The jaws can be exchanged on-site which saves costs. The processor is manufactured from high strength, abrasion-resistant steel and the cylinder rods are fully protected.

The Multi Processor is designed in such a way that whenever the jaws meet resistance, the hydraulic booster is automatically activated. The pressure intensifier system has a relatively low oil flow; which produces faster cycle times and more crushing strength when compared to competitive attachments without a booster system. Additionally, other excavators functions remain uninfluenced by this system. The integral booster reduces the total weight of the attachment, which allows a compact body design and affords ease of maintenance.


  • On-site versatility is optimized by the availability of interchangeable jaw­s.
  • Only NPK® offers an exclusive integrated booster system that automatically activates when the jaws meet resistance.
  • Efficient solution for concrete, steel and rebar processing, building and bridge demolition, and recycling.
  • Manufactured from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel.
  • Reinforced shield protects cylinder rods.
  • Cost effective: far more economical than buying three different attachments for three different applications.
  • Full 360° power rotation provides an effective angle of attack for any job wherever the location.
  • No additional pressure reduction is required in the hydraulic system.
  • Fast opening/closing times.
  • Reliable construction.


Model NPK M-20S
Excavator weight (t) 17 – 24
Weight (kg) 2000
Max. Jaw opening (mm) 940
Working pressure (MPa) 25
Oil flow (l/min) 100 – 250
Rotation oil flow (l/min) 10 - 15
Max. Force ( A ) (KN) 690
Max. Force ( B ) (KN) 1070
Max. Force ( C ) (KN) 3250

High Speed

Opening time (sec.) 1.1
Closing time (sec.) 2.2
Total cycle time (sec.) 3.3
Number of cycles (sec.) 18
Oil flow (l/min) 250


Multiprocessor M-20K


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