Demolition grabs

Model Excavator weight (ton) Operating weight (kg)
Demolition grab DG-1 0,7 - 1,5 75
Demolition grab DG-4 2,5 - 4,0 172
Demolition grab DG-6 4,0 - 6,0 290
Demolition grab DG-9 5 - 9 450
Demolition grab DG-14 7 - 14 642
Demolition grab DG-16 10 - 16 875
Demolition grab DG-20A 14 - 20 1250
Demolition grab DG-25 16 - 26 1450
Demolition grab DG-30A 18 - 30 1850
Demolition grab DG-40A 25 - 40 2050
Demolition grab DG-50 35 - 50 2500
Demolition grab SG-110 12 - 20 1325

Excellent design with high durability

The DG-series has been developed to meet with the high standards of the current market.

The demand for high durability and low maintenance costs on hydraulic equipment are combined in the total design of the NPK® sorting grabs. To reach a high level of quality there has been made a deliberate choice of materials and parts. The frames and arms of the grabs are constructed with high tension steel and special wear resistance steel (Hardox) to guarantee high stiffness and wear resistance.

The oversized pins, replaceable bushings with dust seals and heavy duty slewing ring will help to reduce down-time to a minimum.

The DG-series are standard provided with a pilot check valve against unwanted and unexpected opening of the arms. Beside this, also the rotation speed and speed of opening and closing of the arms can easily be adjusted. All together NPK® sorting grabs can be fitted for every kind of job from sorting up to heavy demolition.

Beside the high quality and general construction, NPK® offers to adapt NPK®sorting grabs to the demands of their customers. Mounting Side Covers and Arm Covers for loading activities or Breaker Plates for special demolition jobs are already optional. But also modification of e.g. the width of the arms for special application can be discussed. Please always contact your local NPK® dealer to talk over your special requests.

The grabs of the DG-series allow reduced operation costs for demolition, dismantling, loading, sorting and recycling applications. As with other NPK® attachments these grabs offer an excellent return on investment.

Features DG-series

  • Oversized pins all combined with heavy duty wear bushings on rotating points.
  • Powerful hydraulic rotation motor.
  • No drain line needed for the hydraulic motor.
  • One hydraulic cylinder with cushion at the end of stroke (opening).
  • Less hydraulic components, less possibility of leakage.
  • Hydraulic connections at both sides of the Swivel Top
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy accessibility of the adjustment of the opening/closing speed and rotation speed. All accessible by a hole in the swivel top.
  • Pilot check valve against unexpected opening of the arms.
  • All hydraulic connections for opening/closing G3/4”. Less heating up of hydraulic oil.
  • Stiff Frame with Side plates and Bottom plate made of Hardox400.
  • Arms complete build up with Hardox400.
  • Interchangeable and reversible cutters (HB500).
  • Heavy and strong bearing (slewing ring) with 360° hydraulic rotation.
  • Brake valve on hydraulic motor for protection of the motor seals.
  • Easy to grease in one position.
  • Large jaw opening and high closing force.
  • Special requests can be discussed.

NPK® demolition and dismantling grabs are versatile, 360° hydraulically rotatable, attachments manufactured from wear resistant steel alloy.

The grabs of the DG- and SG-series allow reduced operation costs for demolition, dismantling, loading, sorting and recycling applications. Specialist hardening processes and welding procedures, along with heavy duty components, guarantee superb quality and a long life. To add to these features only the best hydraulic components, which have been fully protected within the design, are used. As with other NPK® attachments these grabs offer an excellent return on investment.

The smaller DG-1 and DG-4 are equipped with a rotator, offering a compact solution, also giving less and easier maintenance with high durability. Its speed is unaffected by varying oil flows (10–35 l/min).

The DG-6, DG-9, DG-14, DG-16DG-20ADG-25, DG-30ADG-40ASG-110 are manufactured with a high quality bearing, and the overall operation is further optimized by the ability to adjust the speed of rotation and the open/close functions.

All grabs have a flat top fixing, making it simple to use any bolt-on adaptor bracket, matching the mechanical/hy­draulic quick hitch or directly to any brand of excavator.

Cutters are interchangeable and as an option, side covers are available for loading activities.


  • Fully protected hydraulic components.
  • Interchangeable cutters. (HB500)
  • Frame made of high strength steel.
  • 360° hydraulic rotation, no drain line required.
  • Large straight jaw opening.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to grease in one position.
  • Replaceable pin bushings.
  • Low cost, high efficiency.
  • Cage construction of the jaws, made of HARDOX 400.
  • Main pins equipped with dust seals.
  • High closing force.
  • Adjustable speed of rotation and open/close function (DG-6, DG-9, DG-14, DG-16DG-20ADG-25DG-30ADG-40ASG-110)
  • Double shock valves protects the hydraulic motor (DG-6, DG-9, DG-14, DG-16DG-20ADG-25DG-30ADG-40ASG-110)