Crusher SV380R

Crusher SV380R

NPK®’s SV-Series, originally designed for the Japanese market, to demolish the earth quack proof buildings, is now well established in the European demolition industry as well.

The unique two (2) booster system on the SV-Crushers makes them the most powerful machines in their weight classes. The powerful crushing forces increase when jaws meet resistance as the booster converts flow to pressure. Competitive cylinder systems need larger cylinders to equal the force developed by the more compact NPK® booster system.


  • Two cylinders with boosters.
  • High crushing force with larger jaw opening
  • High oil flow allowed: High closing and opening time
  • Less noise due to newly designed cylinder covers
  • Better weight balance with current excavator models
  • Excellent stability, even for high reach demolition


Model SV380R
Excavator weight (t) 29 - 38
Weight (kg) 3800
Max. jaw opening (mm) 1400
Working pressure (MPa) 28
Oil flow (l/min) 150 - 500
Rotation pressure (MPa) 14
Rotation oil flow (l/min) 15 - 30
Max. force (A) (kN) 1400
Max. force (B) (kN) 2220
Max. force (C) (kN) 4370

High Speed

Opening time (sec.) 1.2
Closing time (sec.) 2.3
Total cycle time (sec.) 3.5
Number of cycles (sec.) 17
Oil flow (l/min) 500


Crusher SV380R