Sheet Pilers

Model Excavator weight (ton) Operating weight (kg)
Sheet piler HP-4SX 10 – 15 736
Sheet piler HP-7SX and HP-7SXB 17 – 21 1050
Sheet piler HP-10L and HP-10S 25 – 35 1250

Superior productivity

The NPK® Sheet piler uses a high speed hydraulic motor to drive two counter rotating eccentric masses developing powerful vibration forces. Vibration and shock loading to the boom and arm of the excavator is avoided by having the unit mounted in durable rubber cushions and the design of the sheet piler causes the impulse forces to be directed downwards, giving optimum driving of the pile and least vibration effects to the excavator.


  • 180° free rotation allows precise alignment and positioning of the sheet pile.
  • 90° rotatable chuck housing which gives excellent horizontal positioning to remove the sheet from the ground.
  • An automatic hydraulic swivel lock prevents twisting of the sheeting, during driving or extracting operations.
  • No external power source is required and the machine being simple to operate means that any excavator operator can easily drive and extract piles.
  • Fitted with a hydraulic/mecha­nical cylinder lock for positive sheeting and pile-clamping – prevents slippage.
  • Angle gauge standard: allowing the operator to easily check for correct inclination and simple adjustment
  • Noise insulating and shock absorbing rubber mounts.

Excellent versatility

The mobility and manoeuvrability of the excavator mounted NPK® Sheet piler permits operation in many previously confined or inaccessible areas; under low clearance obstructions (bridges, etc.), around bridge piers and next to walls. All models have 180 degrees free rotation, which makes it easy to align the sheet in the correct position, before driving. Additionally, a feature of the models HP-4SX and HP-7SX is the 90 degrees rotation of the chuck with horizontal lock mechanism.