Model Excavator weight (ton) Operating weight (kg)
Compactor C-2D 2.5 – 5.5 172
Compactor C-3D 3 - 8 360
Compactor C-3DR 3 - 8 370
Compactor C-4C 4.5 – 11.5 436
Compactor C-4CR 4.5 – 11.5 475
Compactor C-6C 7 – 20 778
Compactor C-6CR 7 – 20 890
Compactor C-8C 14 – 34 1056
Compactor C-8CR 14 – 34 1158
Compactor C-10C 27 – 45 1640
Compactor C-12C 35 – 63.5 2030

Superior performance and reliability

NPK® Compactor/Drivers are designed and built to meet today’s demands for greater jobsite productivity, expanding and enhancing the versatility of your backhoe or excavator.

The leader in trench compacting technology, NPK® delivers the industry’s greatest impulse forces with overall superior performance through hydraulically operated rotating action.

Greater vibration forces generate stress waves in granular or loose soil material, bringing the soils air to the surface and packing the particles closer together. Greater impulse action works together with the carriers downward forces to compact cohesive clay-type soils.

The result is faster, safer, more efficient compaction than other carrier attachments as well as walk-behind plate compactors, rollers, jumping jacks and other machines. Plus NPK® Compactor/Drivers deliver superior reliability and labour cost savings.

Swivel feature to avoid machine repositioning

NPK®s self-aligning swivel can align your Compactor/Driver to nearly any job from nearly any carrier position. With an excavator positioned over, parallel or perpendicular to the job, you can work productively in tight quarters, narrow trenches next to foundation walls and around manholes or other obstacles. When it’s not needed, the swivel can be locked in place, either parallel or perpendicular to the boom.

Type R: with 360° hydraulic rotation

The models C-3D, C-4C, C-6C and C-8C, can be equipped with a strong hydraulic rotator (R). This option improves the manoeuvrability and is ideal for confined and inner city areas.


  • Swivel top to minimize carrier repositioning (from C-3D).
  • Hoses are routed out of the back of the compactor, safely away from the trench wall.
  • Integrated flow control and pressure regulating valves protect the motor from excessive flow and pressure.
  • Heavy-duty, direct drive gear motors.
  • Durable rubber shock mounts to isolate vibration.
  • Self-aligning, double row, spherical roller bearings with heavy duty steel roller cage.
  • Internally routed hoses for maximum protection.
  • Oil splash lubrication, eliminates routine greasing.

Cost-saving versatility: that’s more than a promise

NPK® Compactor/Drivers actually deliver on the promise of greater cost-efficiency and jobsite versatility – operating advantages that are absolutely required by today’s contractors and budget- conscious municipalities.

Utilizing your carrier’s hydraulic system, you save on fuel as well as the need for other costly machines and equipment, using your versatile NPK® Compactor/dri­ver for:

  • Soil and aggregate compaction.
  • Trench compaction, as deep as a bucket can dig.
  • Steep slope compaction.
  • Waste compaction at transfer stations, etc.
  • Breaking up frozen coal, salt and other material.
  • Driving pile, wood and aluminum sheeting, fence posts, quadrail posts, rail and I-beams, piling and seawalls, etc.
  • Extracting piling and sheeting.
  • Compacting or driving anywhere a boom can go, and often where a man cannot.