Model Excavator weight (ton) Operating weight (kg)
Crusher X-1 1.3 – 2.0 130
Crusher X-3A 2.5 – 4.0 280
Crusher X-4A 3.5 – 5.5 350
Crusher X-7A 6 – 9 670
Crusher S-13XCR 10 - 15 1485
Crusher S-16XCR 14 – 18 1820
Crusher S-23XCR 19 – 21 2370
Crusher S-24XCR 19 – 27 2550
Crusher S-36XCR 29 – 38 3800
Crusher S-42XCR 39 – 48 4550
Crusher SV-24XR 19 – 27 2550
Crusher SV-36XR 29 – 38 3920
Crusher SV-47XR 39 – 48 4900
Crusher SV-65XR 60 – 70 6625
Crusher SV-100XR 80 – 100 9200

The main cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic booster. When the jaws meet resistance, the hydraulic booster will be automatically activated. (* SV-series two boosters)

The pressure intensifier system has a relatively low oil flow; which produces fast cycle times and more crushing strength when compared to competitive crushers without booster system. Additionally, other excavator`s fun­ctions remain uninfluenced by this system. The integral booster reduces the total weight of the attachment, which allows a compact body design and affords ease of maintenance.

The complete range of X-series crushers will be available with carbide sprayed coating tooth design.

The complete range of S-series crushers will be available with the new NPK® C-type arm.

The complete range of SV-series crushers will be available with the new NPK® C-type arm.

The new shape of the arms of the NPK® C-type crusher results in the improvement of the crushing ability and durability of the arms.


  • Only NPK® offers an exclusive integrated booster system that automatically activates when the jaws meet resistance.
  • New SV-serie designed with double cylinder and double booster .
  • New design small crushers X-serie
  • Low weight, long reach.
  • Large jaw opening.
  • Arm/Dipperstick mounted.
  • Piston rod and hoses fully protected inside the crusher´s frame.
  • Slim-line design.
  • 12 Models available to suit excavators from 2.5 – 100 tons.
  • Fast opening/closing times starting from 2.3 sec´s, in unloaded condition with 26 cycles a minute.
  • Most models have 360°free hydraulic rotation.
  • X-1X-3A, X-4A and X-7A are standard with 360° mechanical rotation.
  • X-3A, X-4A and X-7A on request with hydraulic rotation.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Reinforced steel cutters are standard.
  • Low oil flow, ensures other functions of the excavator are not influenced.
  • Excellent stability even for high-lift demolition.
  • Reliable and efficient.
  • No additional pressure reduction is required in the hydraulic system.


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The NPK Powerbooster can be explained in 4 steps, as described above. As soon as the jaws meet resistance the extra speed is changed to extra power. Without concrete in the jaw, the booster creates more speed.

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