Hydraulic Hammer GH-9 Enviro

Hydraulic Hammer GH-9 Enviro

GH-Series hydraulic hammers: more power and less noise


  • Enviro bracket which encloses the hammer in the best possible way: reduces sound and vibration.
  • Underwater operation adaptable.
  • Shock absorbing cushion rubbers absorbs vibration and protects integrity of excavator boom and arm.
  • Designed with sealed gas (N2) chamber – no rubber bladder accumulators
  • Constant energy per blow: maintains high breakout force – not dependent upon blow rate.
  • Rapid and easy chisel replacement: reduces downtime to a minimum
  • Replaceable tool bushings: prevent wear to main chisel holder body and enhance the life of the breaker
  • Possibility to mount an automatic lubrication system from GH-7A and up.


Model GH-9
Excavator weight (ton) 17 - 24
Weight (kg) 1482
Length with chisel (mm) 2356
Oil flow (l/min) 150-200
Blow frequency (bpm) 500-650
Min.excavator pressure (MPa) 21 ~
Chisel diameter (mm) 126



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