Model Excavator weight (ton) Operating weight (kg)
Cruncher G70 6 – 10 690
Cruncher G120 10 – 17 1165
Cruncher G-18JX 17 – 22 2150
Cruncher G-28J 25 – 38 2960
Cruncher G-25JEH 19 – 28 2650
Cruncher G-35JEH 29 – 48 3550
Cruncher G-45EH 45 – 50 4500
Cruncher U-21JXR 19 – 28 2325
Cruncher U-31JXR 29 – 48 3455
Cruncher U-45JR 45 – 50 4560

G-series: The secondary concrete cruncher

The NPK® G-series cruncher are specially designed to reduce oversized concrete pieces from a ground level after they have been demolished. Simultaneously the reinforced steel will be separated from the concrete on site! This results in a significant reduction of transport costs and recycling becomes much more efficient.

U-series: The primary and secondary concrete cruncher

The NPK® U-series cruncher shows important differences compared to the NPK® G-series: one big center tooth and a center cutter (U-21JXR) Because of the center tooth, all forces are concentrated to one point, which makes the U-cruncher act also as a crusher. Besides that, the U-21JXR and U-45JR have a relatively longer cutter for cutting light steel structures, besides rebar. Another advantage is the 360 degrees hydraulic rotation (R), allowing great manoeuvrability. Together with the center tooth and cutter the U-cruncher is an ideal tool for crushing and cutting walls, floors and light steel structures, such as apartments, reinforced walls, etc.

High speed – extreme power

Like all NPK® crushers and crunchers, the G- and U- series have the standard integrated booster system, a unique feature designed by NPK®. This booster system automatically activates whenever the jaws meet resistance. This pressure intensifier system has a relatively low oil flow and produces faster cycle times and more crushing strength. Additionally, other excavators functions remain uninfluenced. The integral booster allows a compact body design, reduces the total weight of the attachment and affords ease of maintenance.

Bolt on teeth

Several NPK Crushers have a easy replaceable Tooth Plate:
“J”-Type models have a replaceable tooth plate on the arm.
“X”-Type models have a replaceable tooth plate on the frame.
“JX”-Type have both.


  • Standard integrated booster system that automatically activates when the jaws meet resistance.
  • Center tooth: more crushing power.
  • Hydraulic rotation 360° for precise positioning.
  • High productivity and extreme power.
  • Standard center cutter on U-21JXR for rebar and light steel structures.
  • No additional pressure reduction is required in the hydraulic system.