Bauma ( Munich ) 2010

A few days before the grand opening of Bauma 2010, which took place in Munich Germany, on April 19–25 2010, a volcano in Iceland suddenly exploded and spewed its gigantic cloud of ashes high into the sky, paralyzing Northern European airports for nearly 10 days.
The effects of this generalized flight ban were very visible during the first days of the biggest fair in the construction and earth moving business, with nearly 50 exhibitors unable to make it in time. Many travelers from Asia and North America found it all but impossible to attend, and hundreds of continental visitors had to resort to long trips by rail and road to reach Munich.
In total 415 .000 visitors from over 200 countries visited Bauma 2010.

NPK® Europe exhibited a width variety of NPK® products.
Shown at the booth were  small, middle and big size GH-series hydraulic hammers.

The crunchers U-45 JR and the G-28J where shown.

The smallest models from the X-,Y- and Z  series.

A selection of crushers from the S- series, S-3X and the S-16XCR with the tapered shape cutting arms and also one of the new models of the SV- series , SV-24XR ,with the new 2-booster system was one of the eye catchers.

Also NPK® Europe re-introduced the K-series.
The K-3J and  K-24XR where shown  at the booth.

2 models of demolition and sorting grabs, and a new model DG-16 was shown.
Furthermore a HP-7SX sheetpiller and an M-20K with additional S-jaw.

From the United states  the  compactors C-4C with Hydraulic rotation,C8C  and the bucket breakers BB-511–12 and BB-811–18 were exhibited.
Many visitors showed there interest by watching the bucket breaker Video’s and examined the bucket breakers an its tools.

The team of salesman present at the NPK® Europe booth was an international mixture, dealers from Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland and Iran were promoting the NPK® products during the fair.
Many end-users of NPK® attachments, dealers and interested users of construction machines, visit our booth.

With the help of the Staff and  colleges from Czech, which prepared the equipment and the booth, the help of our salesman from France and the staff from Holland  the Bauma 2010 became a success.